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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


Detective Division

The detective division is responsible for the investigation of crimes reported to the Sheriff's Office. The division also provides support, upon request, to other police departments in the county.

The division is supervised by a Commander and staffed by Four Detective Sergeants and Twenty-one Detectives. It is divided into five components, each supervised by a Detective Sergeant who reports to the Commander.

  • General Case Investigation - Investigators are responsible for follow-up investigation of incidents reported to the Office.
  • Special Victims Unit - Investigators assigned to the unit are responsible exclusively for the investigation of domestic related incidents and other cases involving problems within families. Other investigators also handle these types of investigations in addition to sex related crimes and crimes involving children and the elderly.
  • Special Investigations Unit - Investigators are responsible for investigating cold case homicides, financial crimes, scams and auto thefts as well as various specialized assignments.
  • Vice and Organized Crime Unit - Investigators are responsible for investigating narcotics trafficking and possession, vice and gambling operations and organized crime.