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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


Real Estate Property Levy

Requirements to Initiate Levy Process

  1. Two (2) certified copies (must have red certification stamp) of the judgment order. If it is an out of county judgment, it must be enrolled in DuPage County. 

  2. Letter of direction from attorney requesting the Sheriff to levy on real estate owned by the defendant(s). The letter of direction must include the following information: 
    • Legal description of property
    • Common address
    • P.I.N. (Tax number) 
    • Advise if the property is a homestead
  3. $400.00 cash or check made payable to the Sheriff of DuPage County for advanced fees account. This fee usually covers:
    • Recording of Levy
    • Service of execution and appraisal (if homestead)
    • Appraisal
    • One (1) publication for three consecutive weeks in local newspaper

The plaintiff is responsible for the Sheriff’s fee, which is set by DuPage County Ordinance.

This fee is not usually covered by the advanced fees account.

If the levy is released prior to the Sheriff appraising the property, the fee is $150.00.

If the levy is released after the appraisal but prior to the Sheriff publishing and setting a sale date, the fee is $300.00.

If the levy is released after publishing and setting a sale date but prior to the sale, the fee is $500.00.

If the property goes to sale the Sheriff’s fee is $1,000.00.