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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


Contact Information: Domrose #563 ~ 630.407.2010

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DuPage County Sheriff’s Office Earns CALEA Reaccreditation

Sheriff John Zaruba announced today that the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office has once again earned accredited status from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).This past week in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a member of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office accepted the formal award of reaccreditation.  

In August, a team of two assessors from CALEA spent three days at the Sheriff’s Office examining policy and procedures, management, operations, and support services. Upon completion of their inspection, the assessment team indicated that the Sheriff's Office met 100 % compliance of mandatory and non-mandatory standards. Verification by the team that the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office meets the Commission’s standards is part of a voluntary process to gain accreditation – a highly prized recognition of professional excellence.  

“Every day the women and men of this Office work hard to provide the best service for our community. This reaccreditation and national acclamation is proof positive that the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office is one of the finest in the nation.  One that is dedicated to professional excellence, integrity, efficiency and to listening to and acting upon the needs of our citizens and the communities they live in,” Sheriff Zaruba said. “Without the professionalism of our members and the support of the people we would have been unable to achieve the most distinctive of honors.”  

Agencies wishing to retain accredited status must complete the accreditation process every three years.  During the three-year period, the agency must submit annual reports attesting to the continued compliance with accreditation standards. The DuPage County’s Sheriff’s Office has been accredited since 1990 and is one of only 51 Sheriff’s Office in the country to achieve the coveted “Triple Crown Award” that recognizes agencies who have achieved accreditation in every area, law enforcement, corrections, correctional health care and court security.