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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


Contact Information: Domrose #563

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sheriff Saving Inmates Lives Through Education

 Sheriff John Zaruba announced today that the DuPage County Jail is now offering a Heroin Education and Prevention class to inmates. Statistics show that leading cause of death among former inmates is drug overdose and females are even more likely to die from an overdose of heroin.  In an effort to combat these statistics, Sheriff John Zaruba has enlisted the assistance of the Stonybrook Center in Winfield to develop an Overdose Education and Prevention Class for the inmate population at the DuPage County Jail. 

“The first class begins today will educate inmates on the signs and symptoms of a heroin overdose. It identifies who is at risk, how to avoid and overdose in a relapse situation and will provide inmates with information on how and where to obtain Narcan upon release,” said Sheriff Zaruba. “All indications are showing there is a high interest to attend these sessions”.  

“Currently there are approximately 100 inmates who would like to attend the new class. I hope that by providing inmates the information offered in the Overdose Education and Prevention class, we may be able to save lives from heroin overdoses,” he continued. 

Not only will the Sheriff educate inmates, but their families as well. In development, is a similar Heroin Overdose Education course for family of inmates. Education and early warning is the key to saving the life of these inmates, as well as reduction of crime and the cost of recidivism.