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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


Contact Information: Domrose #563

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sheriff’s Office Ranks Top in the State

Sheriff John Zaruba’s DuPage County Sheriff’s Office ranks top in the State for being timely and efficient in regards to Judicial Sales of mortgage foreclosures.   

A Special Supreme Court Committee on Mortgage Foreclosure was formed to conduct a study and analysis on residential foreclosures in the State of Illinois. This Committee examined whether private sales of foreclosed residential properties are more timely and efficient than sales conducted by local Sheriff’s Offices.   

Surveys were sent to each county, requesting information regarding who they utilize for judicial sales. In the State of Illinois, sixty-four counties utilize their Sheriff Offices and thirty-eight counties utilize combinations of Sheriff Offices and private companies. 

The data showed that the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office averages a ninety-seven day turnover from the date of entry of the judgment, to the judicial sales date, which ranks the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office as most efficient in the state compared to other Sheriff Offices. The committee also did a comparison of judgment amounts and actual sale amounts this study showed that the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office averaged an impressive 86% of the judgment amount entered.  

“I commend the Civil Division for their dedication and compassion to assist residents during a difficult time,” Sheriff Zaruba said.  “We offer assistance to the displaced residents as much as possible with resources and referrals so that they may get the help they need,” he continued.