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DuPage County Sheriff

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sheriff Kicks Off New Search and Rescue Unit

Sheriff Zaruba S & R

Sheriff John Zaruba announced today that the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office is unveiling its newest addition to the VIPS (Volunteer In Police Service) Program at the Wheaton and Glen Ellyn’s 4th of July parades this Friday. 

The Sheriff’s Office is partnering along with the Medinah Shriners and Medinah Equestrians to initiate a new Volunteer Mounted Patrol Unit that will be used for search and rescue operations and patrolling of the Prairie Path and Great Western Trail. 

This unit will be an extension of the Sheriff’s current Volunteer Search and Rescue programs. The Sheriff’s Office has 70 volunteers in our VIPS Program who assist the Sheriff’s Office in many facets, including clerical, events, patrol and now a mounted search and rescue. VIPS volunteers are extensively trained through the Office that includes 15 weeks of the Citizen Police Academy and additional training. 

The mounted unit currently has 4 experienced and qualified trained riders, who will be assisting the Sheriff’s Office during searches through rough, wooded, or remote terrain during search and rescue missions.  With the mounted unit being added to the VIPS program the Sheriff’s Office is better equipped and the MPU will be a welcome asset.  

“I am pleased with the partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and the Medinah Shriners and Medinah Equestrians. I commend the dedication and commitment of these individual’s and the charitable organizations who are volunteering to serve the community and DuPage County,” Sheriff Zaruba said.