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DuPage County Sheriff

James Mendrick


Special Victims Unit

What is domestic violence...

A pattern of on-going, hurtful, manipulative or controlling activities that include sexual, psychological, emotional and physical abuse. It is being afraid of your partner or spouse.

Does someone you love...

  • Call you names to humiliate you?
  • Threaten to take your children?
  • Hurt your pets or destroy things special to you?
  • Isolate you from friend and family?
  • Appear unexpectedly at work or school to monitor you?

If any of these sound familiar, you may be the victim of domestic abuse. You are NOT alone! There is help available.

If you know someone who is being abused...

Don't ever blame the victim...Encourage the victim to open up to you...If you witness or hear of abuse, call the police.

If you want to report a crime call 911.

History of Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit was implemented to combat family violence and juvenile crime. Specially trained deputies and an on-staff social worker follow up with families who have experienced domestic problems, guides them through the criminal justice system and gives them the tools they need to prevent re-victimization.

By working closely with the Family Shelter Service and local referral and counseling services, unit members reach out to victims of these crimes to ensure they have access to the resources they need. The unit's social worker also provides assistance through direct services, advocacy and educational programs as an alternative to criminal adjudication.

To increase public awareness and encourage those who are touched by family violence to report it, members of the Special Victims Unit are available to speak on the topic of domestic violence to interested groups. To request a speaker or for questions, call the unit at (630) 407-2301.

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